Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin(SBA),Gel

Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin(SBA) is mixture of styrene crosslinked with DVB ,gel type,containing -N (CH3) 3,classfied as Type I and Type II,supplied in Cl and OH form.It has a higher breaking weight and good mechanical strength,offer higher activity levels (working capacity),widely used for the preparation of pure water, wastewater treatment, biochemical products and hydrometallurgy extraction of gold, silver, tungsten, molybdenum and other metals.

Resin particles are avaiable in standard size and uniform particle size(UPS),supplied in industrial grade and food grade(certified with FDA ).

Technical Data
Styrene Series Gel Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin
Sanford Functional Groups Ionic form (mmol/ml)
Vol exchange capacity
Particle size range
Moisture content g/ml
Bulk density
Reversible swelling Temp           limit Applications
AG102 –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥0.75 ≥95% 70~80 0.62~0.70 CL→OH   
OH40        Cl:100 It is mainly used in pure water and high purity water manufacturing, sugar solution decolorization, wastewater treatment, extraction of biochemical products and radioelements,etc.
AG104 –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.10 ≥95% 50~60 0.66~0.71 CL→OH   
OH40        Cl:100
AG107 –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.35 0.315~1.25mm
42~48  0.67~0.73 CL→OH 
OH40        Cl:100 It is mainly used in preparation of pure water and high purity water, extraction and decolorization of biochemical products, wastewater treatment, separation of organic matter, extraction of radioactive elements and extraction of tungsten and molybdenum in hydrometallurgy.
201×7FC is the preferred type of floating bed device.
201×7MB is the preferred type of mixed bed device.
201×7SC is the preferred type of bunk bed device.
AG107-FC –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.35  0.45~1.25mm
42~48  0.67~0.73 CL→OH  
OH40        Cl:100
AG107-MB –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.35  0.40~0.90mm
42~48  0.67~0.73 CL→OH   
OH40        Cl:100
AG107-SC –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.3  0.63~1.25mm
42~48 0.66~0.68 CL→OH 
OH40        Cl:100
202×7 –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.3 ≥95% 40~48 0.64~0.74 CL→OH   
OH40        Cl:100 Pure water manufacturing, radioactive element extraction, etc.
AG108 –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥1.3 ≥95% 38~46 0.68~0.78 CL→OH 
OH40        Cl:100 High purity water manufacturing, radioactive elements extraction.
HZ202 –N+(CH3)3 Cl ≥0.85 ≥95% 70~80 0.65~0.70 CL→OH   
OH40        Cl:100 It is mainly used in extraction and refining of biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, decolorization of extracts and fermentation liquid, adsorption extraction of natural vitamin E, and extraction of antibiotics.
202 N—(CH3)2C2H4OH  Cl ≥1.4 ≥95% 36~46 0.68  0.76 CL→OH   
OH40        Cl:60 Preparation of pure water, especially suitable for high salt content of water sources, separation of biochemical products.



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