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  • PAM in cation ,anion,and nonionic

    Polyacrylamide (“PAM”) is a water-soluble polymer formed from acrylamide (a
    compound with the molecular formula C3H5NO) subunits. PAM is most often used to increase the viscosity of water (creating a thicker solution) or to encourage flocculation of particles present in water. PAM is a synthetic chemical that can be tailored to fit a broad range of applications.One of the largest uses for PAM is to flocculate or coagulate solids in a liquid, such as
    in the wastewater treatment industry. PAM can be applied to various types of water treatment .

    Common Applications
    · Papermaking
    · Ore processing
    · Erosion control
    · Potable water treatment
    · Textiles manufacturing
    · Food additive


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